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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click ( PPC )

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the kind of advertising which you will pay only when someone clicks the advertisement & visits your website. PPC Management includes: setup the campaign, daily maintenance and bid management.

Those PPC advertisement are placed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing or placed on the most famous social media tools like Facebook & Twitter.
It’s an ideal marketing method because you specify your budget that you would like to start working with. Once you reach your budget limit, you will not pay any more.  It fits all budgets & all kinds of businesses.To manage a successful PPC campaign professinally, it needs lots of work. We will do all with our PPC certified experts.

WDE can create an attractive landing page for your PPC campaigns that will encourage those who are interested and clicked to convert & buy your products.
We create your landing page containing all important factors for PPC companies like Google to charge you at lower bid. As bidding system depends on the quality of your page to be less charged. Besides, it will be relevant enough for the visitors that encourages them to be converted from just visitors to clients! so as they buy your products or services.
We can also use [A/B Testing] to better find out what is the most appropriate landing page for your industry.