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email marketing

email Marketing

Bulk Emails

Imagine that you check your email at the morning and find an email comes about a special offer for something you like & you look for!
For sure you are going to buy it & love the person who sent it to you!

That’s the email marketing..
It’s one of the most powerful marketing tool ever. Your message is delivered into the inbox of those who are interested in what you do.
with WDE, we will send emails on your behalf for your products& services. Making people aware of your brand, product & special offers!
With our massive email database we are able to deliver your message to the category of people you would like your message to be delivered.
With our advanced technologies, be sure that it will arrive in the inbox of your targeted audiences.

Newsletter Emails

Building a nice relation with your clients is the key for the success of any business. Making your clients subscribe in your email newsletter means sending them your updates about the new products or services you offer, new discounts or special offers!
Engaging with your clients means you are taking care of them. Not just selling them a product or service, but updating them with advices or new offers.
WDE makes strategies for your newsletter. Not to be just sent randomly. We take care about the newsletter design, the text written, fonts, colors & everything..

We focus to make your email delivered to all your clients inbox. We use the latest tools that ensures that emails are sent and delivered to each recipient. We empower you with tools to monitor the recipients interaction with the email. How many of them opened it & what they did with it.